Welcome to Rods HowTo install XBMC on Asrock

Plaintext HowTo install XBMC / ubuntu 10.04.1 tested on Asrock ION 330HT-BD & Asrock ION 330HT-B
How to setup a Server with Wake on LAN and Autoshutdown...
XBMC Ubuntu Videodatenbank löschen
WLAN on Asrock ION 3D 152D
The HowTo is for the following systems:
Asrock ION 330HT-B (DVD SuperMulti/320GB/2x1GB) -tested 7.Sept.2011
Asrock ION 330HT-BD (BD Combo/320GB/2x1GB) -tested 7.Sept.2011
Asrock ION 3D 152D-2G32/B -tested 7.Sept.2011

coming soon:
Acer Aspire R3600

Any feedback?

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